"You see things; you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'"

George Bernard Shaw

Trunks highly enjoying City of Wings Ypres

We were honoured to have been selected at 'City of Wings Ypres' Belgium.

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Trunk Puppeteers selected for FOF International 2018 Italy

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Sneak Preview Cathedralia

For the ones who dare to enter the world of "Cathedralia";

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Trunk Puppeteers Showcase at Puppet International

Once upon a Hand

At an unexpected moment, a puppeteer asks your hand. Do not hesitate; say yes! For a moment your hand will be transformed into a theatre, where you are in the front row, and where everything can be done.

Trunk Puppeteers turn your hand into a rocket platform for the launch of the first rocket on the moon or a romantic palace garden where the frog prince wants to be kissed.

"Once upon a Hand" is for places where small-scale and intimate theatre is shown to its best advantage, e.g. in a theatre foyer, at a queue, on a terrace, during a picnick or a reception etc.


of British Sugar Factory about "Cathedralia" by the Trunk Puppeteers

Shanshui interaction of the Trunks

Trunk puppeteers have been integrated into Jin Jiangbo's interactive projection with thanks to The Artist Courtesy and The Sigg Collection


"They did not know it was impossible so they did it.”

This is what Charlotte de Lange and Steven Luca probably thought when they started building a decor piece out of 4000 sugar lumps.

The performers will bring their public into a world where fantasy is reality.

Cathedralia is a small-scale act suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Our impresario will be delighted to give you more information.


Die Trunks auf dem Spieleflur des Puppentheatermuseums Magdeburg

Anfassen und Ausprobieren war dabei nicht nur erlaubt, sondern erwünscht! 

In the Picture

Autumn 2018 the work of Trunk Puppeteers can be seen in the road movie 'They call me Busker'.